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Much of this guide is a collaboration of discoveries and discussions between self-described "Lorehounds" on the lore-discussion channel of the Foxhole Official Discord server.

Firstly, any information or item found in the map "Deadlands" prior to the release of the map "The Upper Heartlands" is to be disregarded. Also, one lore find was permanently removed after the redesign of farannac coast involving a gruesome find in a cellar. A word from the devs on the world setting and theme. We have a very limited understanding of the historical timeline or even the scale of time within the Foxhole universe. So far, we can piece together a simplified understanding of the order of major events and periods.

Forgive my art skills, hopefully the following explanation can give meaning to this image. The placement of these events on the timeline will not be totally accurate. Blue: The earliest period referenced in game known only as "Less sophisticated times" at least from the Wardens perspective. This is mentioned in the map description of "Weathered Expanse" as a time when the great north-east bulwark a great wall and it's three gates defended the passage it's halls from northern invaders.

The technological levels of the Warden Empire during this time are unknown. Cyan: Both of these cyan time-blocks represent an unknown period of time. During the first period there are references to the Wardens thriving empire of trade on a seemingly grandiose scale e. Endless Shore map description while the second cyan block is known only as a period of post-war destruction where much of the world's history and technology is lost. Green: The build up to the Great Wars.

So far, the only preface to the conflicts we have discovered have been described by the Colonial author of Inner Haven as "a cowardly attack" by the Wardens Inner Haven vol. During this time the Bulwark in the south was constructed as noted in lore articles in the Westgate map Letter to Alderman. Colonials aim to sow discord among highlanders south of the wall in Westgate Letter to Consul. A collection of an unknown number of wars over a vast period of time that led to the destruction of the Warden empire. With the exception of the Boreal Wars no other conflicts have been named.

Although the exact position of these events on the timeline is unknown it is presumably located in the early to mid-stage of the great wars before the "Colonial Legions" forces advance further north into warden territory. Legate Silas Maro appears to be leading the Colonial Military on this front during this time. After the Wardens are ousted from their homeland's capital as per Deadlands map description they make a stand in Callahan's Passage as per Callahan's Passage map description. Further referenced in Inner Haven vol. This conflict was centred in the Warden's snowy and mountainous terrain in the north possible near Whedon's Row.

It is not clear if this was the final conflict in the Great Wars. Following the post-war destruction this is the current period the game is set in. Much of the technology of both nations has been lost or abandoned after the devestation.

We don't know how long the current conflict has lasted or how much longer the fighting will continue. It could even be considered to be a continuation of the great wars. Little is known about the individuals that shaped the world foxhole is set in, perhaps because so much of the information and technology of the past has been destroyed or lost to time. The Known World:. Gough-Mercy Family Blade:. This region is shrouded in mystery, known as the location of the Warden's last stand during the Great War and the point of defense from northern invaders in more simple times, the region holds a great significance to the Warden Empire.

Burgundi Manuscripts:. Set at the mouth of the river Mercy this region consists of the west coast of the continent and the western isles. Missile Silo Site:. The most interesting conflicting information about The Deadlands is the central town known as Abandoned Ward. Earlier citations refer to it as Sun's Haven by both Colonials and Wardens sources suggesting that this was not a lexiconic variation. Infact the southern bridge and entrace to Abandoned Ward is still known today as Sunhaven Gateway. Every title published by the press has been kept in print.

Good literature stays good.

Ma Prem Madhuri. See Akin, Katy. MacAfee, Norman. Cover and artwork, MacDonald, Rob. MacKenzie, Jean West. Madhuri, Ma Prem Katy Akin. Maffeo, Jamie Dahill. Magneson, Moira. Mahony, Phillip. Maines, Rachel.

Mallin, Rupert. Manfred, Freya. Marcus, Morton. Marsden, Carolyn. Martin, Patrick. Martinson, Harry. Masarik, Albert E. Matson, Clive. Matthews, Sebastian. Maurer-Alvarez, Pansy.

May, Maya. McCann, Richard. Once pushed that button will come out on the other side; thus resetting the sculpture.

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Closely check each statue in the Puzzle Room. Pay close attention to their hands, and more precisely to their fingers. How about counting them? So, we have 7 statues with the following number of fingers: 2, 4, 5, 8, 3, 4, 6.

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You can also notice that one of the statues has a missing limb and 4 fingers on the other one. Keep this in mind and head outside. What you are looking for is a painting located under a large rock. Here is a picture of the said crevice.