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The bomb attack planned by Verloc Paul Rogers initiates a cascade of events that eventually lead to murder and suicide. A story of the Polish-born novelist writing in English who explored in his works the human weakness and moral instability. Conrad Patrick Stewart tells in front of a camera about his life and his ideas, imitating a television interview. The interview is enriched with film material realized on the basis of the novel Amy Foster - a story of a boy from Eastern Europe, who survived from a marine disaster and found himself among alien - also because of the language - shores of Kent.

Edward Jerzy Zelnik , a wealthy member of the bourgeoisie, seems to be leading a steady life. One day, however, having returned home he finds a letter from Emma Beata Tyszkiewicz , his wife, in which she notifies him that she is leaving. Her unexpected return on the very same afternoon is an even greater shock. The characters face a final battle on the ruins of the once stable system of values. Filming of a staged version of a short story, performed in the Warsaw Grand Theatre in The film won the Golden Prague award in the musical films category at the 11th International Festival of Television Films in Prague in Ozjasz lives in an unreal world of imagination.

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He awaits his son Harry Janusz Ostrowski who, according to his imaginary visions, is an ideal embodiment of filial affection, truth and humanity. Ozjasz passes his vision on to Jessica. They both await the happier tomorrow which will be heralded by Harry's return. He finally shows up, but Ozjasz does not recognize his son in the cynical young man.

He sees him only as an obstacle in the making of his vision come true. Harry must die at the hands of his father in the name of the faith in tomorrow". Experimental television film realized in Calabria. Based on: Lord Jim This adaptation of the novel based on the first part of Lord Jim depicts a painful moral conflict of the ship's captain. The fact that he is forced to confront his real nature in a critical moment is bound to influence his whole future.

Jim feels secure as the ship's officer, but his illusions are suddenly exposed when the vessel sinks and he is forced to decide between risking his own life to alert the passengers and saving it. Columbia Pictures special edition with Orson Welles' commentary. Based on: The Secret Sharer, , pub. Some of the films were accompanied by a supplement in the form of a 10 minute long 'Discussion on They constitute a series entitled "From the Far Seas" produced by the French television in Based on: Almayer's Folly, Kaspar Almayer Giorgio Albertazzi , a white man living among the Malay people, wants to secure social status and wealth for her daughter Nina Rosemary Dexter though by being half-Malay she is unwelcome in the society.

The film changes the negative character of Almayer into a truly tragic one. The father falls victim to encirclement and experiences a real tragedy of maladjustment. Based on: Freya of the Seven Isles, , pub.

Sociability and its Discontents | Early European Research

Tinn, Raoul Guylad. Hagberd , Janusz Paluszkiewicz Carvil. An enterprising businessman Fausto Di Salvio Alberto Sordi , tired of his job, family and present life, along with his friend accountant Ubaldo Palmarini Bernard Blier , set out to Africa. Their aim is to find Fausto's brother-in-law Oreste Sabatini Nino Manfredi , who disappeared without a trace in the Black Continent in unknown circumstances. Verloc Nigel Green appears to be a harmless seller at a London shop. However, his other 'occupations' are that of an anarchist and a double agent - Russian and English.


His actions will cause the death of his wife's Mary Webster younger, impaired brother which in turn will lead her to a cruel revenge. The plot is set in post-revolutionary France. Peyrol Anthony Quinn - a former pirate wanted by the police in all ports - abandons the path of crime and joins the counter-revolutionary movement. While carrying a message to Port Commander, he is stopped by the police.

During his escape he saves a young woman named Arlette Rosanna Schiaffino and eventually finds refuge in her home where she lives along with her aunt Rita Hayworth. Ultimately, he will need to choose between love to Arlette and his counter-revolutionary duties.

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Based on: Lord Jim, Young sailor Jim Peter O'Toole abandons a ship sinking with a group of pilgrims onboard. The desertion will have a decisive influence upon his future life. Disgraced Jim seeks for ways in which he could rehabilitate himself not only in the eyes of the British Navy commission, but also in his own.

Willing to expiate his crime, he volunteers to embark on a ship that carries dynamite to some distant tribes. Jim also takes part in a rebellion against a dictator Eli Wallach , repeatedly proving his courage. He hopes to find death during his service and thus erase his guilt. One of its episodes presented a screen version of the short novel Victory with a superb cast. Heyst was played by the programme host Art Carney. No information concerning existent copies of the film is available. The name derives from the length 90 minutes of the successive episodes, many of which were soon to grow into feature films.

These half-hour long shows starred some of the greatest names of the 50s. Brown story and teleplay - whole series, cinematography: George T. Based on: The Black Mate, , pub.

Based on: Because of the dollars, , pub. Red-haired Anne Margaret Lockwood , who works as a singer in an elegant Paris night club, is famous for her laugh and known as the 'Laughing Anne'. Her lover, boxer Jen Farrell Forrest Tucker , is hurt so badly during one of his matches that Anna realizes he will not be able to fight anymore.

They sail off to the eastern seas, where Anne sings in a shabby Java bar. Then, she runs away to Singapore with Captain Davidson Wendell Corey , but on her way she has a sudden change of heart and decides to return to her miserable life with Farrell. After several years, Davidson finds her living in poverty, with a child and still by Farrell's side. He starts to persuade Anne to leave.

At the same time, having heard of a valuable cargo carried by Davidson, Farrell decides to seize it.

Antonio Vivaldi: La Follia (La Folia); Voices of Music, Robin Gilbert and Carlos Fittante, dancers

Film - the action of which takes place during one day - begins with a ship being intruded by a stranger on a tranquil night. The fresh and inexperienced captain Falcor James Mason must decide what to do with the murderer named Leggatt Michael Pate - a fugitive from the ship Sephora where he had killed a man. The captain decides to hide him in his cabin.

Susan Petrilli

In order to help him escape and safely reach land swimming, he hazardously approaches the offshore rocks and puts his vessel at risk. Adaptation of Conrad's novel constituted the first part of Face to Face. Willems Trevor Howard is an ex-pirate wandering aimlessly between the Malay islands. When he was twelve, captain Lingard Ralph Richardson lent him a helping hand. Driven by love to Aissa Kerima and manipulated by her father A. Bramble , as well as his partner George Coulouris , Willems reveals the secret trade route of his benefactor captain Lingard.

After having heard of betrayal, the angered captain rejects Willems calling him 'a man without a heart'. Kerr, screenplay: George F. Kerr, producer: W.

Television adaptation of Joseph Conrad's short novel about a young and inexperienced captain Clement McCallin who is placed in command of a ship for the first time.